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Northeastern Iowa

OK. How’s a person wind up in northeastern Iowa in the first place? Suppose you’re trying to get from Fargo, North Dakota to St. Joseph Missouri (Huh?)and didn’t want to take the dull freeways down the flats? Looking on a map, one can’t help but notice that the Mississippi River runs parallel to the freeways. Its a no brainer if not in a hurry.

Of course there are some choices and I figured the best looking scenery would be nearest to the river, and those are the routes that were taken for the most part.


The weather was assisting all the way here, occasionally throwin up a few clouds on an otherwise clear day.

Because of its nearness to the river the land here tends to be “roly-poly”, and of course there’s the river itself, carving its way south.


Talk about beautiful farm land, here it is. This is the meat of the oat.