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  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 16

    Daily Miles: 20 Total Miles: 253 It rained for several hours last night, but was pretty much done shortly after it got dark.  When we got up, it […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 15

    Daily Miles: 16 Total Miles: 233 We got up in the light, which feels more like a luxury, since we had gotten up in the dark so many times on this […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 14

    Daily Miles: 13 Total Miles: 217 We had a really good stay in town yesterday.  Having 24 hours off from hiking really helped us to feel […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 13

    Daily Miles: 4 Total Miles: 204 We got up at 6:30am this morning even though we didn’t have many miles to walk.  Everyone was anxious to […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 12

    Daily Miles: 20 Total Miles: 200 It rained overnight and we stayed dry in our hammocks.  Even after spending 14 hours laying in our hammocks, we […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 11

    Daily Miles: 16 Total Miles: 180 We decided to get an early start today because a thunderstorm was expected in the late afternoon.  We were […]

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Mountain Hiking

  • Claremont Canyon & UC-Berkeley Hikes

    When Berkeley residents talk about walking on the “fire roads,” chances are they are referring to the network of hiking and biking trails in Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve or on adjacent lands owned by the University of California, Berkeley. Together this milieu of paths […]

  • Top 5 Hikes in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

    The wilder and more rugged cousin to neighboring Tilden Regional Park, Wildcat Canyon Regional Park spans nearly 2,800 acres of the Berkeley Hills, San Pablo Ridge, and Wildcat Creek watershed in the East Bay. Whereas Tilden is woodier, Wildcat Canyon has more open, windswept pastures with […]

  • Hikes in Wildcat Canyon Regional Park

    Abutting neighboring Tilden Regional Park to the south, the East Bay’s Wildcat Canyon Regional Park is lesser-known but arguably wilder and more dramatic, subbing out Tilden’s woodier landscape for treeless, windswept pastures with wide-reaching views. Access is by way of El Cerrito, […]

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  • Navigating Winter Hiking: Protecting Yourself...

    Understanding the dangers of frostbite and learning how to protect yourself from its chilling effects is essential if you're exploring outdoors during winter. The post Navigating Winter Hiking: […]

  • Board of Directors Feature: Jeff Hayward

    We're excited to continue introducing the new members of American Hiking Society's Board of Directors; next up on the introduction trail is Jeff Hayward! The post Board of Directors Feature: Jeff […]

  • Rebuilding Trails in the Face of Fires

    In recent years, our planet has witnessed extreme environmental changes that have had a profound impact on the frequency and intensity of forest fires. Escalating temperatures, prolonged droughts, […]

  • Board of Directors Feature: Jacob Camp

    American Hiking is pleased to announce the addition of four new members to the Board of Directors! Meet Jacob Camp! The post Board of Directors Feature: Jacob Camp appeared first on American Hiking […]

  • Give Dry a Try with Athletic Brewing

    Athletic Brewing’s Give Dry a Try campaign encourages drinkers to enjoy award-winning non-alcoholic beers and start a dry streak (even if it doesn’t last for the entire month).  The […]

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BC out Of Doors

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Environment News

Arizona Hiking

  • Rockin' River Ranch State Park

    ROCKIN’ RIVER RANCH STATE PARKVerde River from the White Cliffs TrailThe thickets shock the eye. Massive tangles of sycamore, cottonwoods, ash, […]

  • The Devil in Devil's Bridge

    DEVIL’S BRIDGEHikers on the way to Devil's Bridge Hiking has many benefits.  Beyond the healthy perks of physical activity, being in the […]

  • Vulture Mountain Ruins

    VULTURE MOUNTAIN RUINSVulture Peak viewed from BLM 9052 Surrounded by an eclectic sampling of Arizona’s 194 named mountain ranges, The […]


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