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  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 16

    Daily Miles: 20 Total Miles: 253 It rained for several hours last night, but was pretty much done shortly after it got dark.  When we got up, it […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 15

    Daily Miles: 16 Total Miles: 233 We got up in the light, which feels more like a luxury, since we had gotten up in the dark so many times on this […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 14

    Daily Miles: 13 Total Miles: 217 We had a really good stay in town yesterday.  Having 24 hours off from hiking really helped us to feel […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 13

    Daily Miles: 4 Total Miles: 204 We got up at 6:30am this morning even though we didn’t have many miles to walk.  Everyone was anxious to […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 12

    Daily Miles: 20 Total Miles: 200 It rained overnight and we stayed dry in our hammocks.  Even after spending 14 hours laying in our hammocks, we […]

  • Superior Hiking Trail – Day 11

    Daily Miles: 16 Total Miles: 180 We decided to get an early start today because a thunderstorm was expected in the late afternoon.  We were […]

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Mountain Hiking

  • Thousand Island Lake Loop via High Trail &...

    Rising prominently above California’s Mammoth Lakes area, the Ritter Range boasts a clutch of spectacular peaks and majestic alpine lakes best reached on a multi-day backpacking adventure. The largest of the lakes is Thousand Island Lake, set in a basin below iconic Banner Peak […]

  • Methuselah Trail (Inyo National Forest, CA)

    With wily limbs, wild shapes, and colorful bark, the bristlecone pines of California’s White Mountains are notable not only for their curious disposition but also their incredible longevity: with some living bristlecones thought to be as much as 5,000 years old, these are, simply put, the […]

  • Big Pine Lakes (John Muir Wilderness, CA)

    The simple names—First Lake, Second Lake, etc.—belie the picturesque setting of Big Pine Lakes, nestled in a majestic valley across the High Sierra Crest from Kings Canyon National Park. Once a relatively well-kept local secret, the Internet and social media have turned the lakes into a […]

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  • The (RE) Series: (Re)constructing How We Talk...

    In Part One of the (RE) Series, I shared my grandmother's love for nature which she passed on to me. To us, the outdoors represents love, healing, community, and boundless freedom. Many of us […]

  • How Athletic Brewing’s Impact Goes Beyond...

    Athletic Brewing is focused on being a force for good, which includes the measures they take to have a positive impact on the environment. Whether you’re hitting the trails for a walk with the […]

  • The (RE) Series: (Re)tracing My Roots

    AHS NextGen Trail Leader, Thurman Hogan III, takes us along on a metaphorical hike as he shares his story, his experiences, and his connection to the outdoors. The post The (RE) Series: (Re)tracing […]

  • Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts

    Holiday Gift Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts Useful Gear to Gift to the Hiker in Your Life AKHG Sponsored by AKHG™ by Duluth Trading Co. the Exclusive Apparel Sponsor of National Trails […]

  • Volunteer Vacation Spotlight: Gearing Up For Our...

    Have you ever dreamt of making a difference in the great outdoors while exploring stunning natural landscapes, meeting new people, and fostering a sense of camaraderie? If so, American Hiking […]

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BC out Of Doors

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Environment News

Arizona Hiking

  • Cloudburst-Cone Mountain Loop

    CLOUDBURST-CONE MOUNTAIN LOOPStorm view from the Cloudburst trail Funny thing about mountains; they’re rain makers.  The phenomenon […]

  • Verde Vista Loop

    VERDE VISTA LOOPView from the Verde Vista Loop It’s only a little over a 500-foot climb to the zenith of the Verde Vista Loop.  But […]

  • Black Canyon Trail: Biscuit Flat Segment

    BLACK CANYON NATIONAL RECREATION TRAIL: BISCUIT FLAT SEGMENTWild burros on Biscuit Flat Wild burros make lots of tracks--and lots of little […]


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