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Mountain Hiking

  • Scenic – Packrat Trail Loop (Saguaro National...

    Southern Arizona’s Saguaro National Park—split into two districts separated by the San Luis Valley—feels in some ways like a local park due to its proximity to Tucson, Arizona’s second-largest city. Taking off from this neighborhood or that, numerous hiking trails … […]

  • Eagle Lake Trail (Desolation Wilderness, CA)

    Nestled in a scenic drainage nearly 800 feet above Emerald Bay, the pristine Eagle Lake is one of the most popular day hike destinations in the Lake Tahoe area. Less than a mile’s walk into the Desolation Wilderness, the lake … Continue reading &rarr […]

  • City of Rocks Loop (City of Rocks National...

    Idaho’s City of Rocks National Reserve—one of only two national reserves in the National Park system—protects a 14,000-acre tract that includes an extensive cluster of granitic formations known as the “Silent City of Rocks.” While the chalky white and grey … […]

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  • 2023 National Trails Day Micro-Grants

    2023 National Trails Day® Micro-Grants  Vannra Yan With support from: American Hiking Society, with support from Moosejaw, is proud to announce the 2023 National Trails Day® micro-grant […]

  • Volunteering in Natchez Trace State Park

    By 2022 NextGen Trail Leader Aleshea Carriere I packed my bag and loaded the truck. My sister’s rushed voice beckoned from the truck speakers, “you’ll miss your flight if you […]

  • American Hiking Elects Four New Board Members for...

    American Hiking Society is pleased to introduce four new members of the Board of Directors in 2023. Each new member brings a wealth of experience and expertise along with a passion for supporting the […]

  • Hikers and Trails Community Achieves Victory in...

    American Hiking Society led efforts by the trails community to secure millions of dollar funding increases benefitting trails on public lands across the country! The passage of the omnibus […]

  • Board of Directors Feature: Sally Kidd

    If you want some advice on great places to hike – a solid go-to is American Hiking Society’s Board Member Sally Kidd. Sally’s love of hiking laid a clear path to AHS years ago, and […]

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BC out Of Doors

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Environment News

Arizona Hiking

  • Rawhide Wash

    RAWHIDE WASHHiking in Rawhide Wash is tougher than it looks The sandy gap between the Axle Grease and Hawknest trails attracts a lot of […]

  • V Lazy Y Cabin

    V LAZY Y CABINV Lazy Y Cabin in Coconino National Forest Welcome. July 1959.  The words etched into a concrete step at V Lazy Y Cabin place the […]

  • Cholla Loop

    CHOLLA LOOPView from near the summit of Cholla Loop No stranger to hikers in search of a summit, the Arrowhead Point Trail in Glendale’s […]


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