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Grand Canyon, Arizona

What can be said! This is the grandaddy of them all. IF you like the national park stuff, and especially, those in the west, then this one lives up to its name. If you really want to experience it’s magnitude and have never been there before, go there at night, maybe a mile or so from the rim. Stand up, close your eyes, turn in a slow full circle – several times if necessary. You’ll be able to feel it!(OK so it ain’t universal. Shhhhhh.)
I’ve made many trips to the canyon over the years, including a hike through from north to south rim via the easier of the trails, the Bright Angel. There was a summer job doing maintenance for a motel just south of the south rim. There was the random running into an ol homie at north rim totally by chance of moment.

So the photography here spans 20 or so years – I did not have a camera on the hike through. Wahhhhhhh!